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Организатор шоу (ы): 竞技宝app官网,竞技宝app官网
Дата (ы) события): 2020-09-17 -- 2020-09-19
Место встречи: 竞技宝app官网
Адрес: No. 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
контактное лицо: Ms.Alice Ao
Тел: 86-571-87759742
URL-АДРЕС: www.21food.com

Отраслевой Направленности
Health food

Фокус продуктов и услуг
health food, ingredients and equipment

основная информация

International Natural Health & Nutrition Expo (NHNE), as Asia??s largest expo on natural health and nutrition products, helps global manufacturers of health food and nutrition to promote their brands and expand business channels in China. With over 100,000 distributors and retailers, it??s been the best platform for participants to search for new products and chase golden opportunities for entering Chinese market and expanding their business map in China.

Информация О Посетителе
Commercial Agent, Distributor, Online Retail Platform, Cross-boarder Trader, Hospital, Chain Pharmacy, Manufacturer, Supermarket, Health Products Retailer, Mother and Baby Shop, Investing & Financing, TV Shopping, Business Consultant, R & D, Association/Government

Информация Об Экспоненте
1. Health food: 27 kinds of health products (blue hat products) and nutrient supplements approved by relevant state departments

2. Imported dietary supplements and imported healthy foods

3. health food / natural foods: green food, organic food, green alga products, chlorophyll products, aloe products, low calorie / low cholesterol foods, nutritional supplements / fortified foods, antioxidant foods, pollen products, bee products, fish oil products, imported dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, sports nutrition, special foods, fortified foods, etc.

4. Functional beverages and functional water: sports nutritional beverage, vitamin beverage, mineral beverage, low-calorie beverage, herbal and tea beverage, natural fruit and vegetable beverage, vegetable protein beverage, special-purpose solid beverage, functional water

5. Special Medical Formula Food: Total Nutrition Formula Food, Specific Total Nutrition Formula Food (Diabetes, Tumor, Liver Disease, Intestinal, etc.), Non-Total Nutrition Formula Food, Infant Formula Food for Special Medical Use

6. Nutritional tonics: medicinal and food homology, high-end tonics (Bird's nest, Ginseng antler, Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps, Dendrobium candidum, etc.), health tea, health wine, health soup, Chinese health products (moxibustion, physiotherapy, foot bathing, etc.)

7. Beauty products: cosmetic food, oral liquid, functional cosmetics, collagen, coenzyme Q10, cosmetic skin care products, natural beauty products, Chinese herbal beauty products, etc.

8. Probiotics Areas: Probiotics, probiotic dairy products, probiotic beverages, probiotic foods, probiotic dietary supplements, probiotic daily chemicals, probiotic Technology

9. Technology and Services (Registration/Transfer/OEM): OEM Contract Customization, Media, Associations, Management Consulting Services