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Организатор шоу (ы): 大地彩票网址
Дата (ы) события): 2020-09-02 -- 2020-09-05
Место встречи: CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center
Адрес: CNR EXPO -Expo Center Ye?ilk?y-Bak?rk?y/?stanbul
контактное лицо: Ms.Y?ld?r?m Orgad  (Sales Specialist )
Тел: 90-212-463 78 70
URL-АДРЕС: http://cnrfoodistanbul.com/index.aspx?=2

Отраслевой Направленности
Meat & Meat Products, Poultry, Fruit, Vegetables & Dried Fruits, Delicatessen & Ready-Prepared Dishes, Dairy Products, Confectionery, Biscuits & Pastry, Organic Products, Gourmet Products, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Cereals, Pulses & Grains Alcoholic Beverages, Staple Food, Food Addictives, Snacks, Hygienic Products, Store & Market Equipments

Фокус продуктов и услуг
International and domestic visitors showed great interest in CNR Food Istanbul, which is followed closely by the global food industry.

Trade volume of over 3 billion dollars was achieved at the exhibition where over 10 thousand products were displayed.

CNR Food Istanbul hosted buyers from 117 countries, setting a new record by raising its foreign buyer number by 70%. Total visitor number of the exhibition exceeded 50 thousand.

CNR Food Istanbul, closely followed by the world food industry, was held at CNR EXPO Istanbul Expo Center on 4-7 September 2019 with CNR Packaging Istanbul - Food Processing Systems and Packaging Special Section.

The exhibition was held in Istanbul, an important city for the food industry, where ham was processed, packaged and transported throughout the country.

Thus, CNR Food ?stanbul brought together the Turkish food industry with international buyers and reveal the domestic and national production potential of the industry.

A wide variety of products ranging from cereals, pulses, snacks, soft drinks, biscuits, confectionery and bakery products to store and market equipment will be exhibited at the exhibition which will support local food and beverage companies to increase their exports.

The Ministry of Trade, Mediterranean Exporters' Association, Food and Beverage Federation of Turkey and KOSGEB support CNR Food ?stanbul organized by CNR Holding company ?stanbul Trade Fairs.

You may visit the website for 2019's post-show report and more information: http://cnrfoodistanbul.com/fuarsonucraporu.aspx?=ln2

основная информация
CNR Food Istanbul, organised with the aim to increase the trade volume of food, food service, and packaging industries, the majority of the exhibitors received orders fulfilling their annual production capacity on the first day of the exhibition.You can meet thousands of importers, distributors, wholesalers, and key buyers at Food Istanbul, Turkey's leading international food and beverage exhibition.CNR Ambalaj ?stanbul - Food Processing, Packing, Labeling Technologies Special Section, is a great meeting point for food and packaging. Nowadays, it is highly unlikely to seperate packaging and food and beverage industries as such that half of the total market share of the packaging industry in Turkey is produced for the food and beverage industry. For this reason, CNR Food Istanbul will bring together both sectors that nurture each other, under the same roof. A wide range of products from food safety to marketing, branding to exporting will be showcased at the exhibition.You may visit the website for more information: http://cnrfoodistanbul.com/index.aspx?=ln2

Информация О Посетителе
Wholesellers Distributors, Dealers Exporters, Importers Superstores, Gross Markets Catering Companies Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment Facilities Fast-Food Brands Local Stores, Food and Snack Points Food Industry Executives Chefs and Cooks Food, Chemical and Agricultural Engineers NGOs Industrial Trade Magazines and National Press ? Keep the track of latest developments in the market. ? Have an intensive outlook on national manifacturers and global brands. ? Establish new business networks. ? Have fundings by meeting with new investors. ? Follow up with the industry in global scale.

Информация Об Экспоненте
Meat & Meat Products Producers
Poultry Producers
Fruit, Vegetables & Dried Fruits Producers
Delicatessen & Ready-Prepared Dishes Producers
Dairy Products Producers
Confectionery, Biscuits & Pastry Producers
Organic Products Producers
Gourmet Products Producers
Non-Alcoholic Beverages Producers
Cereals, Pulses & Grains
Alcoholic Beverages Producers
Staple Food
Food Addictives
Hygienic Products
Store & Market Equipments Producers

? Get the opportunity to connect with buyers and exporters, enlarge your sales network and create new sales opportunities.
? Position your brand in the leading platform where the heart of the industry beats.
? Meet with qualified national and international buyers, expand your market share.
? Share your ideas, find solutions and fulfill your needs with key players of the market.
? Have the chance to introduce your goods in the right place to the adressed and selected audience.