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Организатор шоу (ы): 七星彩中3个数多少钱,七星彩中3个数多少钱,七星彩中3个数多少钱
Дата (ы) события): 2020-11-05 -- 2020-11-07
Место встречи: 七星彩中3个数多少钱,七星彩中3个数多少钱
Адрес: 799 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu Ward, Dist 7. Ho Chi Minh City
контактное лицо: Ms..Nhan Lieu  (Manager )
Тел: +84-8-22217621
URL-АДРЕС: https://vietrf.com/en/

Отраслевой Направленности
Retailtech and Franchise

Фокус продуктов и услуг
What make our show the only one leading exhibition in Vietnam is specialized exhibit profile. This profile can be divided into two larger categories, Retailtech and Franchise. Retailtech category includes retail tech-equipment, retail store furnishing, retail service, internet retailing and more. Due to the rapid growing in Vietnamese retail industry, there are high demand in products and services for both large and small sized businesses.

The franchise category contains wide range of products and services in relation to food and beverage, beauty and health, fashion, retail and wholesale, Startup concept, education-consultation-training service, other specialized retail and more. Samsung, GS25, Vivastar Coffee, T4 Milk Tea and other popular franchiser had successfully found the way to promote their brands.

This year will be your moment to find opportunities and expand your business.

основная информация
Vietnam International Retailtech and Franchise Show is the Vietnam’s one and only leading exhibition for most exciting franchise opportunities from around the world. Running on the 5th to 7th November 2020 at 七星彩中3个数多少钱, Ho Chi Minh City, thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners will get access to over 150 exhibitors, 1:1 Biz-matching Program, E-Commerce Workshop, Franchise Award, Franchise-Retailtech Seminar and more. For this year, the Coffee Pavilion 2020 will highlight the Show with various exhibitors from Coffee-tea and Bakery industry. Its pavilion will showcase products, services and equipment related to Coffee-tea and bakery. Since its first show in 2009, Vietnam International Retailtech and Franchise Show has helped thousands of people to discover new business opportunities, access to the latest local trend and information within fast-moving industry.

Информация О Посетителе
七星彩中3个数多少钱, 七星彩中3个数多少钱 The 七星彩中3个数多少钱 is an international standard facility capable of satisfying the requirements of national and international conventions, large scale public and trade exhibitions, corporate meetings and specialized events.In the first phase, we offer a column-free exhibition hall with 9.000 square meters, 6.000 square meters of outdoor exhibition areas. Website: ww.secc.com.vn Travel by Taxi or Travel by bus -From Tan Son Nhat airport to Ben Thanh Station: Yellow Bus 109 (Express), or Bus 152 -From Ben Thanh Station to 七星彩中3个数多少钱: Bus no. 102 Travel by Grab Taxi: Download Grab Application on your phone

Информация Об Экспоненте
Schell Scheme Booth
A Shell Scheme Booth is constructed by the host and contains the following: 2 fluorescent lights, 1 company signboard, 1 information desk, 2 chairs, 1 power socket, 1 bin and Pytex floor with carpet. The booth is install by panels, the size of each panel 1m x 2.4m. If there is damages to the panel (e.g. damages due to nailing, use of glue etc.), repair charges will be applied on Exhibitor’s account.

Space Only Booth
A Space Only Booth only provides space. The Exhibitor may choose to either construct their own booths or appoint an installation company to do it for them. In this case, [Application Form 6: Space Only Construction] must be submitted and exhibitor should contact the Secretariat regarding further costs which may apply as per 七星彩中3个数多少钱 rules and regulations.