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Организатор шоу (ы): 优德游戏登录入口, Ltd.
Дата (ы) события): 2021-03-10 -- 2021-03-13
Место встречи: 优德游戏登录入口
Адрес: Cultural Palace, 91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
контактное лицо: Ms..Shih Heng Tseng  (Marketing Specialist )
Тел: 886-2-26596000
Факс: 886-2-26597000
URL-АДРЕС: https://www.chanchao.com.tw/HanoiPlas/

Отраслевой Направленности
Packaging Product

Фокус продуктов и услуг
Blow Molding Machines
Die Cutting & Casting Machines
Extruding Machines
Injection Molding Equipment
Mold Cleaning Equipment
Plastic Blending Machinery
Plastic Compounding Equipments
Plastic Cutting Machines & Cutters
Plastic Dryers & Mold Heaters
Raw Material & Auxiliaries
Spin Casting Equipment
Thermoforming Machines

Flat Plate Vulcanizer
Mixing & Refining Machines
Press & Molding Equipment
Product Molding Equipment
Raw Material & Auxiliaries
Rubber Blending Machinery

Quality Detection:
Electronic automatic Instrument
Measuring & Detection Equipment
Mixing & Refining Machines
Monitoring Device

основная информация
Why exhibit in Vietnam, Hanoi? 优德游戏登录入口 has been seen as the best path to enter Vietnam market, and the most beneficial way to promote products, services and machinery internationally. High Potential Market Vietnam’s GDP growth will reach 7.08 percent in 2018, the highest record in 10 years. Also, Vietnam is one of the most attractive destination for FDI in the region, in the 1st quarter of 2019, Vietnam has received around $16.74 billion in FDI. The Most ideal exhibition Over 7,000 visitors participated in 2019 and it is a great opportunity for exhibitors to meet potential clients and business partners in person. Fast developing market in the world Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The plastic production is expanding year by year in Vietnam, which reaches to 4.2 million tons per year, ranked second in ASEAN, second only to Thailand.

Информация О Посетителе
The show registration is via the system of Chan Chao International Co., Ltd. The organizers may use the personal information provided to contact you and provide information regarding events held by the organizers.

Информация Об Экспоненте
Why exhibit in Hanoi Plas ?
It is the preferred exhibition to present an overview of all the technical developments, procedures and techniques, as well as future trends.
The best B2B platform to reach potential buyers.
The fastest gateway to ASEAN market.